Monday, May 31, 2010

chickens n knittins

Ahhh...beautiful Brighton. It's amazing to be able to see miles out into 3 different weather systems at the same time. We got HUGE hail storms (which I was assured is not normal).
Damage? Oh yeah, this hail caused the death of 5 chickens, destroyed the little landscaping we had, $5000 damage to my car and $17,000 to the times.

This hail is half the size it was when it fell

On a brighter note, I had a most wonderful birthday lunch with my homies at Strings! Great food, better company. The wife of the owner was selling a calendar she produced called 'Knitting is Sexy". Husband explained she did so when some old guy said "That's sexy" sarcastically while she was knitting...brilliant. Of course I bought one :)

And speaking of chickens...we got chickens! Claus was so thrilled to come home to our new flock (really)and angrily goes about making us a coop :) Ok, so maybe I should have given him a heads-up...but, well, ok I'm an ass. He'll forgive me when they start making eggs.

And as a last note to the reader, be careful where you leave your undies...lest you be likewise embarassed :)

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