Wednesday, June 30, 2010

summer days

Father's Day!
My dad joined us for a 5 course Danish style dinner compliments of Claus. He planned this meal with such fervor, I feel bad for feeding him Americana all the time...

However, this was a big day. It being his first Father's Day! Yup! Not only did Zoe get to celebrate, but we've got a another little viking on the way! We expect this one around the middle of January 2011.

I'm just so smitten with these pics of's the stuff childhood is made of, chasing ducks and tadpoles in Estes Park, CO.

Yup, that means Estes Park Wool Market! Guess who we ran into again? Wow, you're good at this...

In light of the chicken episode, I decided (wisely I was told) not to show up at home with this baby yak for sale. He TOTALLY would have fit in the back of my Subaru...

I managed to enter stuff this year, and actually won monetary prizes! It only partially evened out what I spent this time at market...but man did I make off with some good stuff!
This skein was a Tracy Bunkers roving I bought at market in 09. I had to stop by her stall and show her.

And awesome! This is James, and he's a guy in my kid's knitting class I do once a month at the Salvation Army afterschool program in Denver. He knit a monster of a shawl for his oh so lucky mum.