Sunday, March 28, 2010

new digs

We are officially homeowners!

Closed on this beautiful piece of house on the 26th and we're lovin it! Now time to fill up the rooms...

It looks a little dreary now being end of winter, and we'll have to slowly add landscaping (2.5 acres, it's gonna take some time) but for starters, Shadow needs a fence.

Here are the big in the future plans: Alpaca, chickens, veggie garden, boathouse, and possibly a basketball court and hot tub! Like I said...time :)

Enjoying our lovely new kitchen!

Two grandpas

Our new neighbors (the other big selling point, nearest neighbors are quarter mile away)

This is Claire, she's 6 and I just taught her how to knit! She is so excited about it that I've offered to trade daughters with her mom :)

And Shadow gets a BFF too! This is Huck, and these two couldn't be more perfect together! In fact, Shadow has gotten out a couple times *sneaky* and we can reliably find him with Huck (it's a good thing Huck is such a good boy and stays where we can find him :)

Shadow has gotten a taste of chicken over there too, lost all sense about him. Unfortunately. Can't be trusted.

More pics to come I'm sure, but do we have our work cut out for us!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

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