Sunday, July 31, 2011

July...oh Summer, must you leave us so soon?

picking pie cherries and strawberries at Berry Patch Farms...super awesomeness. They are close to us, and we've been cooking up the best jams, quiches and baby foods from this yummy organica!

Fourth of July party at dad's house, we gave the pup a bone to chew on, she took right to it!

jam. lots of it.

the second generation of the Spitz's have come and gone, here are the 'babies' right before they left

daddy time!

Freya enjoying her shoe at a bluegrass concert. Barr Lake State Park rocks my socks.

and canoeing (free lessons!), again at Barr Lake

That's all folks! Claus has been in Canada pretty much all month, but we look forward to having him home a lot more now that his project in Limon is complete (ahead of schedule! I'm so proud of him :) Also, Knud and Inge-Lise will be visiting us in a few short weeks! Inge-Lise just celebrated her retirement after 40 years (!) of teaching grade school children in She actually recieved special honors from the Queen not too long ago :)

We are excited to see them and take them to Lake McConaughy for a week! Til then...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Laguna Beach, CA

Driving through to Las Vegas, our stop at the worst buffet in the world...Zoe and Paul Bunyan

And finally at grandma's!

We dragged poor grandma out to the beach...

And Freya kept eating sand. I thought to myself she would get a mouthful and stop faced with the unpleasantness. It occurred to me as she was taking her 3rd mouthful, that maybe she is enjoying the salt in it...duh. Very sandy diapers that night...

dinner with grandma

beautiful Laguna Beach

grandma took us to the Sawdust Festival...

where Barbara bought her first art!

and Zoe met some like-minded artists...

We also drove down to San Diego for a day, here we are in front of the place of my childhood and my dreams...

we also stopped in at the San Diego Zoo!

me knitting on the beach, I'm sure you're surprised

Goodbye Cali! Until next time my dearies...