Friday, July 1, 2011

June! Where's my summer going???

First off, I'm so excited, a couple of my spinning friends and I were on a Sheep To Shawl team this year at Estes Park Wool Market...and we won! Holy moly! We were absolutely the dark horse in this race. Here we are waiting for the judge's comments, this is Sheila, Sue, Tam, myself, Nancy and Myrtle. Myrtle raised our sheep (and the fleece he so generously shed for us ;)

And this is Barr Lake State Park, by our house. I got us a parks pass this year (do look into it if you live in CO, our parks are totally underfunded, and run by volunteers that do amazing work!) and we've been visiting frequently. Zoe even had an overnight camp there recently. This day was one of the guided hikes they do often. Beautiful.

And I hit some dumb asses. Trust me, they had it comin... No really, they ran a stop sign and I saw them too late. Everyone is fine (except for the vag-wagon) and all is well. I should note that it wraps up my unfortunate car three: 10K hail damage, skateboarder landing on car, dumb asses at stop sign. I expect no further car trouble for a while now. Knock on wood.

Zoe tearin it up for Karen's boy...showoff

And miss Freya got herself some teeth this month! Here she is with her first banana, and again with green beans :)

There was simply no holding back any longer, she was READY. And after sitting on the fence about an overpriced baby food maker (like we NEED another kitchen appliance, right?), I went ahead and got the Babycook by Beaba, and can't sing it's praises enough. I would marry this thing if I could.

One of the things I love most about my yarn room, my chickens like to come peek in on me while I'm down there.

And this is how Zoe babysits...

Brighton built us a new waterpark!

And more baby shots...Zoe won't let me take many pictures these days (in case you're wondering) she's beginning to be too cool for me already :( But Freya is still happy to oblige!

Penney dear whilst joining us at City Park Jazz! In the sweater I knit her :) Just like old times...and my Janina dear, looking none too amused with my picture-taking.

And that's it for now! We are looking forward to Laguna Beach in a few weeks and enjoying Summer!

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