Tuesday, January 27, 2009

knitters rock my socks!

The official count is in, and I just dropped off 49 hats for our troops! Go knitters!

This past weekend String (the shop I work at) hosted a knitting for our troops marathon. Unfortunately, I was only able to be there on Friday. Here are some photos of some of the fabulous ladies that came in to support our troops...

and the ever lovely Chloe, Kemie's granddaughter, 6 months old and already smitten with fiber

I also want to give a well deserved shout-out to Highlands Ranch Tattered Cover and their wonderful staff for providing free coffee and tea for the event. The management and baristas over there are nothing short of wonderful, and we are blessed to be working right next door.

Monday, January 26, 2009

fancy meeting you here...

Ok, so I started thinking that maybe my years long hesitation (or rather my contempt for celebrating the mediocrity of people's lives) to start one of these things was drawing to a close. And I started thinking 'hey, what a cool way to document the mediocre things that happen in my life'. So here goes. Hope you enjoy the irony that is my everyday life, I certainly have :)
Just last night I returned from dropping my seven year old daughter off with my mom in Kansas City, and it was everything you would expect. An almost two day visit with my mum (I really wish we were one of those great 'best friend' pairs, unfortunately we have about a three hour limit on getting along with each other), me completely surprised at my absolute mom-ness (tears, hugs, irrational instructions on what a seven year old eats and make her wear water wings no matter how she doth protest at her silly appearance...) and of course a local yarn crawl with an obliging friend. Be warned this one is picture heavy, and I ain't a good photographer...

my good friend Shahdie and the Z monster a la road trip

cool rock thing we happened upon

I heart smokestacks...Shahdie said she thought they were cloud machines when she was little :)

I heart beautiful sunsets too...

I just thought these were perty

wind farm!

pure Kansas weirdness...self-serve lunch meat

more to come...