Sunday, September 13, 2009


First, the heaven dearest came to visit. Claus and I had an amazing week together, and celebrated Janina's birthday at Encore (among other things) with her hubby Rob. I'm just tickled I got to see him again, and so was Zoe :)

The hell part? Well...a tooth I had work on a couple weeks ago sent me into mind-numbing pain over Labor Day weekend (of course), I couldn't get ahold of a single dentist for 3 days. It felt like aliens were emerging from my skull. How did I deal you ask? Well...

FYI: narcotics do very little for pain. They do wonders for making you care less about it though. Still, it wasn't worth it, and after begging my dentist Tuesday morning for a root canal it took yet another week to recover from all the above crap I put in it.

And all the other in between, happy life stuff...

hiking with Zoe

hanging out with Penney, waiting for Penney to make up her mind. it weird that we both had full sized bath products with us at dinner?

Stitch N Pitch with Zoe, that's her new little friend :)

And this one just warms my heart to no baby...choke...knitting! tears...

more soon, it's late and I'm getting up early. Good night!