Friday, December 11, 2009

sad news

As it turns out, this baby wasn't meant to be. I found out Wednesday that it had stopped growing at 11.5 weeks. We're of course disappointed, but no one is exempt from nature and we'll try again soon.

Your breast is enough for my heart
and my wings for your freedom
What was sleeping above your soul will rise
out of my mouth to heaven.

Adieu little fella, we'll meet you soon I'm sure...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

thanksgiving in seattle...with brian!

Baby bump! 11 weeks and going dancing with the bro.
Bad baby flirter Janina....bad
Brian+hottie, drunken monkey style

In Seattle! Thanksgiving at cousin Denise's

The lovely chef
and her larvae, secret affair with Gene Simmons? Hmmm...

Brian sees God in Pike's Place Market
happy consumers
happy consumers bought BFF bracelets!
I heart ruining otherwise nice photos
I wish I was a little bit talla, wish I was a balla...
Dad and Aunt Lois outside Starbucks
The same group that we saw last time we were here!
breathtaking Seattle from ferry

Wine!! WooHoo!! Oh wait....damn.
at least everyone else had fun with wine...
Zoe tries raw quail egg at Sushi, instantly regrets her moment of adventure
Brian and Brian follow suit, vow never to eat raw quail egg again
as organized as a family gets really

And couldn't let one go without a fabulous wind farm pic!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

birthday girl fun

Janina and I took Zoe and three friends out for tea at the Boulder Dashunbe Teahouse, it was incredibly beautiful and we're soooo going again! And kid friendly, my goodness, their patience puts Mother Theresa to challenge...

And then to the house for cake and presents (and sleepover, really just over as there was little sleep involved)

The stage is set...

And new kitty! Meet Edward :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

twitterpated :)

So...uh...I'm getting married!

Claus came into town Friday and he took me to the Oxford for a romantic night...and proposed. I'm such a lucky girl :) and no you may not have him, he's all mine.

So, on that note I should probably announce in the spirit of good tidings, we're expecting too! We couldn't wait. And yes, I know how babies are made by now. We're terribly excited and expect a large litter of small vikings sometime in June of 2010

Zoe and Claus's creepy ass snowman, but aren't they precious...

Getting ready for our Halloween party! Zoe told Claus he should be Frankenstein because he has a big head. He obliged.

The wholesome family

Pervert Pooh (just kidding, it's Jason) and dearest Angie

Neighbor Tristan, Zoe and Emmy

Super badass Zev man

Rob and Janina of course (that's where Zev gets the badass)

this was a special treat, we dressed dad up as Flava Flav (Flava Dave?)

Barbara and Micheal, dear friends and near knitting neighbors

BFF from high school Jesse and old classmate Molly, arrrrrrg

And that about does it for now! Gotta love eventful weekends :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

new photos!

Vivika of Vivika's Photography did photos of Zoe and I last week...Brad edited them and made a wonderful little slideshow! I just love how they turned out...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

old man and embarrassed child

We stopped by the European Festival here in Highlands Ranch (not much European, or festival for that matter) I threatened Zoe with grounding to get her in this get-up...I'm such a mean mom ;)

and on the old man front, dad turned 60 years young on the 24th! Happy birfday grandpa! We went to Winter Park for the weekend, and stayed at the Gasthaus Eichler...amazing food, interesting company. Gramps went golfing while Z and I did the Hot Springs. Then we did some antiquing on the way out Sunday.

German birthday song by pretty ladies...I think he enjoyed this more than the cake :)

How Zoe does antique shopping:

Outside of that life has consisted of school, yarn, babies, painting the house, you know the usual.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


First, the heaven dearest came to visit. Claus and I had an amazing week together, and celebrated Janina's birthday at Encore (among other things) with her hubby Rob. I'm just tickled I got to see him again, and so was Zoe :)

The hell part? Well...a tooth I had work on a couple weeks ago sent me into mind-numbing pain over Labor Day weekend (of course), I couldn't get ahold of a single dentist for 3 days. It felt like aliens were emerging from my skull. How did I deal you ask? Well...

FYI: narcotics do very little for pain. They do wonders for making you care less about it though. Still, it wasn't worth it, and after begging my dentist Tuesday morning for a root canal it took yet another week to recover from all the above crap I put in it.

And all the other in between, happy life stuff...

hiking with Zoe

hanging out with Penney, waiting for Penney to make up her mind. it weird that we both had full sized bath products with us at dinner?

Stitch N Pitch with Zoe, that's her new little friend :)

And this one just warms my heart to no baby...choke...knitting! tears...

more soon, it's late and I'm getting up early. Good night!