Wednesday, October 14, 2009

old man and embarrassed child

We stopped by the European Festival here in Highlands Ranch (not much European, or festival for that matter) I threatened Zoe with grounding to get her in this get-up...I'm such a mean mom ;)

and on the old man front, dad turned 60 years young on the 24th! Happy birfday grandpa! We went to Winter Park for the weekend, and stayed at the Gasthaus Eichler...amazing food, interesting company. Gramps went golfing while Z and I did the Hot Springs. Then we did some antiquing on the way out Sunday.

German birthday song by pretty ladies...I think he enjoyed this more than the cake :)

How Zoe does antique shopping:

Outside of that life has consisted of school, yarn, babies, painting the house, you know the usual.

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