Saturday, October 31, 2009

twitterpated :)

So...uh...I'm getting married!

Claus came into town Friday and he took me to the Oxford for a romantic night...and proposed. I'm such a lucky girl :) and no you may not have him, he's all mine.

So, on that note I should probably announce in the spirit of good tidings, we're expecting too! We couldn't wait. And yes, I know how babies are made by now. We're terribly excited and expect a large litter of small vikings sometime in June of 2010

Zoe and Claus's creepy ass snowman, but aren't they precious...

Getting ready for our Halloween party! Zoe told Claus he should be Frankenstein because he has a big head. He obliged.

The wholesome family

Pervert Pooh (just kidding, it's Jason) and dearest Angie

Neighbor Tristan, Zoe and Emmy

Super badass Zev man

Rob and Janina of course (that's where Zev gets the badass)

this was a special treat, we dressed dad up as Flava Flav (Flava Dave?)

Barbara and Micheal, dear friends and near knitting neighbors

BFF from high school Jesse and old classmate Molly, arrrrrrg

And that about does it for now! Gotta love eventful weekends :)

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