Monday, May 31, 2010

chickens n knittins

Ahhh...beautiful Brighton. It's amazing to be able to see miles out into 3 different weather systems at the same time. We got HUGE hail storms (which I was assured is not normal).
Damage? Oh yeah, this hail caused the death of 5 chickens, destroyed the little landscaping we had, $5000 damage to my car and $17,000 to the times.

This hail is half the size it was when it fell

On a brighter note, I had a most wonderful birthday lunch with my homies at Strings! Great food, better company. The wife of the owner was selling a calendar she produced called 'Knitting is Sexy". Husband explained she did so when some old guy said "That's sexy" sarcastically while she was knitting...brilliant. Of course I bought one :)

And speaking of chickens...we got chickens! Claus was so thrilled to come home to our new flock (really)and angrily goes about making us a coop :) Ok, so maybe I should have given him a heads-up...but, well, ok I'm an ass. He'll forgive me when they start making eggs.

And as a last note to the reader, be careful where you leave your undies...lest you be likewise embarassed :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Brighton History Museum

I went on one of Zoe's field trips this past Tuesday, and man was it cool!


Couldn't resist

Henderson House. This whole house was actually moved to the history museum and is being restored little by little.

Tractor Ride!

Henderson House in miniature


The old style school, this lady was actually mean like you would expect in the old days...I'm surprised she didn't smack one of us with a ruler.

And this railroad guy was awesomer than meat and potatoes! He was fun :)

And also, today I got an updated pic from my new sister-in-law in London of new niece and nephew-in-law wearing the knickers I sent! How cute are these little people? This is Holly and Alfred


Zoe's new soccer team for the season

It's so hard not to post a bazzilion pics of Zoe, that kid just takes some funny one's. Here are my favorites at least :)

I think I just figured out how we're losing games.... hmmm....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Great Western Alpaca Show

All four skeins I entered into competition this year placed! Yay!

We had fun this year, even Claus (ever the sweetie) sucked it up and took one for the team. He even faked excitement for a second or two :)

Alpacas...sigh...can't wait

And Galina Khmeleva! This amazing woman must simply be one of the nicest, sweetest and charming persons I have ever met in my life! Galina judged the handspun this year, and while I missed the chance to talk over judges comments this time she was teaching classes when I came, so I got to meet and talk to her! To my utter astonishment, she really like one of my skeins so I gave it to her. What an amazing woman! I highly recommend her lace book, which you can find by clicking here. This is her website (along with her charming and wonderful husband), and is really worth taking a few moments.

Until next year!