Saturday, July 31, 2010


Is that what you think it is? Sho nuff. Good old grandpa came over (with Brian and Collin) for some 4th of July fun and promptly lit our front yard on fire. And stood there and watched it.

Before I go any further, relax. Know that everyone made it home with all their fingers and the police didn't stop by at all. Not even once.

God bless booze and fireworks!

We had chicken races out back. Collin's girlfriend being the grand prize.

Brian won Collin's girlfriend. Boy was she thrilled.

We just got the boat fixed, took it out on the water, and had it break down immediately. Water pump. Claus called friend to save us!

And a belly shot. 16 weeks!

Our family of swallows (we named them the Spitz Family) departed for the year. The babies still hang around the house though.

And Zoe got glasses!