Thursday, July 30, 2009

it's been a while, no?

Where do I begin? Well, to start with we went to the Estes Park wool market (duh) and while I picked up the usual yarn and roving, this time we left with a little extra somethin...

meet Buckminster, he's my new little English Angora bunny lover and practical pet (or at least that's how I justify cute furry somethings)

and here's Jazz in the Park with my BFFs Janina and hubby Rob...I really do love these guys
Penney (other BFF) met Bucky :)

another Jazz in the Park, another BFF. Mary and I take the most unprepared pictures together and I'd have it no other way...

I think I need a better tan...

and last but not least, Zoe and I made a road trip to Washington! It's been a while since I've visited, and while Zoe has met my aunt Lois she never did meet uncle Ken...

here is a WA wind farm, and may be my last little wind farm picture-takin. I'll never see wind turbines the same again.

we went to Pike's Place Market with the family, and ran into one of Tim's (my cousin) signs for his church, Mars Hill Church

and I guess I never expressed my disdain for Corporate America to Aunt Lois...she insisted I get a picture in front of, OMG, THE VERY FIRST STARBUCKS!!! I love you Lois :) smooches

the market...oddly, this looks a lot like my pre-date disclaimer

unprepared pic with the fam...notice funny faces

and 'Oh aren't we pretty!'

Seattle *sigh* I was born here

Zoe and cousin (once removed? help me Lois) Ethan

I'm proud to be born in Seattle. Not like I had a choice or anything, but it's pretty cool to be born into a state that makes attempts at UFOs...

Ethan's sister (my 2nd cousin? LOIS!) McKenna

and Zoe jumping off a boat. Just loved the shot I got :)

That's about it. Back at work and being a mom. I did finish a sweater since I've been back though, here's a pic, betcha didn't see that one coming...

and the back is perty too :)

it is the Sixteen Button Cardigan from the new Interweave Knits Simple Style book. LOVE the pattern, it was simply (hah!) fabulous to knit :)

Anywho...Auf Wiedersehen! See you soon!