Tuesday, December 1, 2009

thanksgiving in seattle...with brian!

Baby bump! 11 weeks and going dancing with the bro.
Bad baby flirter Janina....bad
Brian+hottie, drunken monkey style

In Seattle! Thanksgiving at cousin Denise's

The lovely chef
and her larvae, secret affair with Gene Simmons? Hmmm...

Brian sees God in Pike's Place Market
happy consumers
happy consumers bought BFF bracelets!
I heart ruining otherwise nice photos
I wish I was a little bit talla, wish I was a balla...
Dad and Aunt Lois outside Starbucks
The same group that we saw last time we were here!
breathtaking Seattle from ferry

Wine!! WooHoo!! Oh wait....damn.
at least everyone else had fun with wine...
Zoe tries raw quail egg at Sushi, instantly regrets her moment of adventure
Brian and Brian follow suit, vow never to eat raw quail egg again
as organized as a family gets really

And couldn't let one go without a fabulous wind farm pic!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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