Monday, February 2, 2009

the hurrier i go, the behinder i get

First and foremost, happy birthday baby Grey!

I had the upmost pleasure of being the doula for a very good friend Thursday night. Labor started at 6:30 and baby was born at 10:30! Wow! Go mom... I had a sneaking suspicion she would be a fast birth, and I guess it speaks to how hurriedly I made my way to the hospital when grandma said the next day upon my visit "You clean up well". Oh my... It was one of the more beautiful births I've attended lately, and for that I'm thankful. Midwives simply rock :)
My week got even better with my kid's knitting class on Saturday. These kids cracked me up. It was heartwarming to see all these wee ones with yarn and sticks, making scarves! Hey, if 5 year old Norwegian girls can do it...
It did make me miss my own wee one that much more though...If you can believe it, I even miss her messes around the house.

Aside from work, sleep deprivation, births and yarn making parties...well, I've been battling a closet unit. Yup, you heard me. I rocked my drunken self asleep in the fetal position last night in a pile of clothes on my bed after trying fruitlessly for 5 hours to install the easiest shelving units on the market. To be fair, it wasn't all the fault of the shelving (though they did cut my pieces wrong, making me think I was even more inept than I thought I was). It started early with the spackle I bought being dried into a vinyl brick in the tub (one extra trip to the hardware store), a defective stud-finder (big surprise there, I AM a defective stud-finder) and two more trips out to buy things I already thought I had. So today, I finally finished what should have been an hour's worth of work, finally, and here is my triumphant proof (note the glass of wine in foreground, empty, one of at least 6 glasses emptied last night)

So alas, I'm off to bed. In a house that's arguably messier than when Zoe left and more to do than I care to think about...

goodnight :)


  1. ha ha! defective stud finder. that be funny :)

  2. Great kid shoot! Glad you got the closet together!