Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a new addition...

Welcome baby Ethan! A much awaited human with exceptionally large feet...I'm so thrilled for the whole family, and it was a truly beautiful birth. Congrats and big hugs to Duane and Shereen, and welcome to the tribe little peanut :)

In true man-style, passed out snoring (and tooting, it's worth mentioning this guy can let loose)

spinning update, finished this one last weekend...I'm just tickled with the results . It's Tracy Bunkers roving again.

And tonight we went to see Bad Luck City at Red Rocks ( you should give a listen, they're really good), and Donnie Darko (did I just date myself?). Oh yeah...we met Frank...don't hate.

and that's it for now I think. But I can leave you with a quote, you know, if you wanted more...

'Anything not forbidden is mandatory'

not sure who said that. But I'd like to re-phrase for personal blog:

'Anything forbidden is mandatory'

ok, now I can sleep :)


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