Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a mostly knitting update

Not much is new, in fact, practically nothing has happened this past week...but that is exactly what makes it spectacular to me :)
A lot has been quietly rolling around in my head however, I'm just glad life slowed a little to allow it to unfold as it has not all been positive and I've been more than a little bummed out lately.

I finished Zoe's Wallaby yesterday, but don't tell her. It's a surprise for her birthday and I told her it was a store sample. Devious mom...

also on the knitting front, I've committed to teaching a few more classes at the store, and will be doing the Sixteen Button Cardigan, Kid's Knitting, and Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket (scroll down). I'm also working on a Noro Blythe Afghan. I made a square for a store sample and just fell madly in love with it. I am now knitting the entire afghan :)

went to Red Rocks today with the padre, then hopped over to Morrison Inn for margs...

this is Mack...I eventually had to trap him under a glass so I could enjoy my drink without threat of an attack

so, that's most of the excitement so far...we'll catch y'all later!

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