Monday, March 23, 2009

it's what i do

Just realized it's been, like, a whole month. Wow.
I've been sorta busy...

gift baskets for the store

tea towels for Isaac

spring dress for Zoe

been drum carding like crazy...

been spinning like crazy too...

behold, the alpaca.
it's even softer than it looks...

i spun some other stuff too

taught Zoe how to shoot her gun,
scary how good she is at it...

knitting at the gun range

went to the St. Patrick's Day parade...

look what I found!

Grandpa teaching my daughter bad habits, but wearing the sweater I knit him for Christmas :)

Mary and I went to the Twilight DVD release party at need to say it. I'm a dork.

as a testament to the dorkiness, well, isn't this just precious?

Yeah, been busy. In an old lady in her rocking chair knitting sort of way I guess...

If anyone wants to help me card some of this 10lbs of alpaca, let me know. I'm pulling double shifts as it is and I can offer delusional conversation, strawberry margaritas and a little bit o crazy in return :)

1 comment:

  1. i want to help you card the alpaca! (if i'm allowed to come over?!?)
    sorry about yesterday, but i have most of next week wide open. what days are bueno for you?