Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Someone's getting bigger!

Celebrating Janina's Birthday at Dushanbe Tea House in Boulder with the girls!

Fun in the Bumbo...

Dad's birthday at our house...Claus got him an awesome sweet knife set...and Brian got him an awesome sweet juicer. The conversation that ensued went something like:

Claus: We need to juice something. Do we have any fruit?
Me: I think we're out.
Brian: We can juice the cat!
Dad: He's too big to fit in the juicer...
Claus: We can chop him up with the knives! Happy Birthday!

I am aware of how sick my family is.

Inge-Lise sent BEAUTIFUL sweaters for the girls...more knitting genius! Here we are with grandpa enjoying the fall colors in our new sweaters. We went driving up in Winter Park and Hot Sulpher Springs. Beautiful!

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